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Where possibilities are limitless, and spaces are masterpieces waiting to be born. Our comprehensive selection of interior design packages offers you the opportunity to transform your space, whether it's a custom remodel, new construction, or a full-service experience.

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Our Design Process

  • Initial Consultation: Begin with an in-depth consultation where you discuss your preferences, lifestyle, and aspirations with the interior designer. This helps the designer understand your needs and vision for the project and to create a relationship between you and the designer.
  • Concept Development: The designer develops a design concept based on the information gathered. This includes color palettes, themes, and overall design direction that align with your preferences.
  • Design Concept and Contract Proposal: You discuss with the designer a detailed design concept proposal outlining the scope, budget, and timeline of the project. This proposal ensures transparency and sets expectations for both parties.
  • Space Planning: The designer creates spatial layouts and floor plans that optimize functionality and flow, ensuring the space meets your daily needs.
  • Material Selection: Collaborate with the designer to select materials, finishes, and textures that match the concept and contribute to the desired ambiance.
  • Furniture and Decor Selection: Choose from a curated selection of furniture, lighting, accessories, and decor items that align with the design concept and your personal style.
  • Procurement: The designer manages the ordering and procurement of all selected items, ensuring quality and timely delivery.
  • Customization: If needed, the designer may create custom furniture or fixtures tailored to your space and design vision.
  • Construction and Execution: If there's construction involved, the designer collaborates with contractors and oversees the execution of the design plan, ensuring it's accurately realized.
  • Installation: The designer coordinates the installation of furnishings, ensuring everything is arranged according to the design concept.
  • Styling and Finishing Touches: The final touches are added, including styling accessories, artwork, and textiles, enhancing the overall aesthetic.
  • Reveal and Presentation: Experience the transformation as the designer presents the completed space to you. This is a moment to appreciate the design's realization.
  • Final Walkthrough: A thorough walkthrough is conducted to ensure every detail meets your satisfaction and that the project aligns with the initial vision.

Design Packages 

Funrniture Bundle

Custom Furniture Design

Custom Remodel 

New Construction 

Full Service Transformation

Ruby Package 

Not Just A Way Of Living

A cozy atmosphere with family can replace your stress with comfy and convenience right after walking through the doorway. Nothing is better than sitting on a soft chair and enjoying your warm drink after a long day at work.

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Family Chair Set

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We Do Things Differently

With more than 5 years of experience in Home Decoration field, we have assisted hundreds of customers to improve their house as well as their lifestyle. Understanding the need for dedicated products, we only use high-quality raw materials with high-quality workmanship, providing the best experience for all of your family members.

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Not really sure if the product meets my needs at first, but after seeing this brand’s bedroom in my friend’s house, I have no other doubts and need to buy myself one at once. Cannot deny this comfy!

Emma S

Great service and quick delivery! Got my table just after 3 days of order, and the sustainability is a plus point. What a highlight for my dining room

Jack F

Not really sure if the product meets my needs at first, but after seeing this brand’s bedroom in my friend’s house, I have no other doubts and need to buy myself one at once. Cannot deny this comfy!

Jenny P

I like the service here. Just had my first order last night and love all the tips and instructions they have given to me. Haven’t received my order yet, but this kind of service is worth 5-star rating.

Collins M

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